Chemical and process tanks


A cost-effective solution for a mechanical tank level indicator for chemical and process tank installations. Supplied as a Kit system or individual parts for customer specific applications.

The LiquiLevel CR tank level indicator, allows an easy and precise reading of the tank level. The float within the tank is suspended by a cable, supported by 2 No: 90 degree PVC Elbow pulleys. Thanks to the counter pulley system, the volume of liquid in the tank is shown within a clear PVC pipe which is installed externally, parallel to the tank.

  • Recommended for virtually any liquid.
  • PVC Pipe and fittings. Easy to install solvent weld system.
  • Can be used with magnetic level control switches for pumps, alarms etc..
  • Can be installed to virtually any tank.
  • Manufactured from good chemical resistant materials.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Gas/ Vapour tight.

SYSTEM. The LiquiLevel system is supplied as a complete kit ready for installation. Optional extras: magnetic level switches. 

INSTALLATION. The CR LiquiLevel system uses 40mm pipe and fittings
as standard. 


  • 40mm plain PVC solvent weld pipe adaptor connection at the top of the tank, 90 degrees to ground level.
  • A tank access hatch of at least 150mm diameter is also necessary.


90 DEGREE PULLEY PVC ELBOW. High quality pulley elbows are used for the smooth accurate operation of the float and counterweight/indicator.

  • Pipe connection. 40mm as standard. 1 1/2", 2 " system available on request.
  • 40mm/ 1 1/2" pipe union for ease of installation and insection
  • Material: PVC, Sch.40
  • Solvent weld connections
  • 2 required per system

own brand label on LiquiLevel CR tank Level indicator

  • Own branding available for trade customers (see image above)

Float for tank level indicator

SOLID POLYPROPYLENE FLOAT. Installed intenally inside tank and connected to a 3mm polypropylene core

  • Diamteter: 80mm
  • Length:130mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg

PVC Level Indicator/counterweight. Installed intenally inside clear PVC tube which is installed vertically to the tank wall.

  • Diameter: 30mm for 40mm and 1 1/2" clear PVC pipe. Other dimensions available on request.
  • Length:120mm
  • Weight: 0.12kg
  • Material: Red PVC
  • Built-in magnet for switching and control purposes.

LiquiLevel CR Bi-stable microswitch. Installed externally to clear PVC guide tube.

  • Quick and easy installation to guide tube.
  • low investment cost
  • Visual switch position indicator

For Techical specification on LiquiLevel CR bistable microswitch, Click here.


LiquiLevel CR Basic Kit Includes 2x 90 degree pulley elbows with anti-jump cord system c/w pipe unions, Red PVC counterweight (for 40mm or 1 1/2" Clear PVC tube) 1x 80mm solid Polypropylene float,, 1x 40mm or 1 1/2" tank connector, 7 metres (21') polypropylene cord, and 1x 40mm or 1 1/2" PVC cap.

  • All the essential parts for quick and easy installation
  • Customer to source pipe and brackets
  • Low cost.
  • Own-Branding option

LiquiLevel CR Complete Kit. Everything you need for an installation on tanks upto 3 mtrs high.

  • Low cost.
  • Own-Branding option

If you are a tank installer, retailer or manufacturer or Online store, please contact us today for Trade pricing.

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