Fuel Tanks

LiquiLevel FL Tank Level indicators are designed and manufactured to a high standard and are quickly and easily installed to most fuel tanks. We offer 3 different connection types to suit a wide variety of fuel tank connections. 

Designed for use to control fluid level inside tanks of power generators, heat generators, fuel tanks, light towers, earth moving machines, excavtors, motor pumps, waste oil bins, cleaning machines etc.

LiquiLevel FL Fixed mechanical level indicator

Image of LiquiLevel FL Fixed Mechanical cap. Installed using self tapping screws. Sealing gasket and screws supplied.

The LiquiLevel FL tank level indicators can be installed both to new and existing tanks without the need to drain or disassemble the tank installation.

  • 3 different options of tank connections. (1) Fixed Mechanical cap, (2) Bayonet filler neck, and (3) 1.5" BSP screw on Gauge.
  • Suitable for other Fluids. Options for Nautical and corrosive environments. Please contact us with your requirements.
  • 12 Sizes available to suit tanks upto 650mm high.
  • No Calibration required. The Gauges are supplied complete and fully tested.



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