...Tank Talk. View the level of your water tank upto 100 metres away. The LiquiLevel ultrasonic tank sensor and transmitter is installed at the top of your water tank. The transmitter unit measures the water level and temperature using an ultrasonic sensor which is built-in to the transmitter. The Liquilevel receiver can either hang on the wall or sit on your desk, or anywhere that's convenient for you. View room temperature, tank temperature and water level (represented by a 10 element bar graph). You can store min/max records and set alarms for specific water levels (high/low) or when empty. 

  • Transmission range up to 100m (free range).
  • Storage tank height/depth: 0.5 mtrs to 15 mtrs. (20 inches to 49')
  • Air Gap: 0.5 mtrs min (20 inches) 
  • Time display (12/24hr). 
  • Indoor temp. display (°C/°F). 
  • Tank temp display (°C/°F). 
  • Tank level display (metre/feet). 
  • Water level displayed on a 10 element bar graph.
  • Min. & Max. records for indoor & tank temp. 
  • Tank level alarm mode (high/low). 
  • Tank empty alert. 
  • Low battery indicator. 
  • Tank level updated every 30 seconds or 3 mins. 
  • LCD Reciever Installation: wall mounted or free standing. 


  • Indoor temperature range: 0~60℃
  • Outdoor temperature range: -40~60℃
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1℃
  • Water level measure rang: 0 ~15m
  • Resolution: 0.01m
  • Accurate: +/-0.03M
  • Transmission frequency: 433MHZ
  • Transmission range: 100 meters (300 feet) in open area without interferance.
  • Transmission interval: 30s when level changes or 3 minutes when level does not change
  • Battery power: receiver 2 x AA 1.5V (not included), outdoor transmitter: 6 x AAA 1.5V (not included). 
  • Dimensions: Receiver: 105(L) x 93(W) x 25(D)mm, Sensor (into tank): approx 47mm Diameter (2" approx) 

Package Included:

1 x Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Liquid Level Meter 
1 x Water tank transmitter  
2 x Mounting screws
1 x Instruction manual 


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