Tank Level Indicator for underground tanks

NEW for 2020, the LiquiLevel LP will be available in early 2020. This simple, low cost tank level indicator is specifically designed to monitor low profile underground tanks upto 750 mm in height. Quick and easy to install the LiquiLevel LP operates uses a Polypropylene float ball that is fastened to a Aluminium shaft that glides up and down the Aluminium scale board above ground. This Gauge board is installed to an asthetically pleasing granite look (plastic) pedestal that also features a garden tap/faucet for garden use such as filling watering cans or feeding sprinklers etc.

  • Simple, reliable mechanicl tank level indicator for low-profile underground tanks up to 750mm high.
  • No electricity or battery required.
  • High quality materials for long maintenance free operation.
  • High quality 'Granite Look' plastic (polyethylene) post.
  • Option of garden tap for connection to pump within the tank for connecting sprinkler or filling watering cans etc.
  • Available in early 2020.
  • Full installation instructions included.
  • Supplied as a complete kit ready for quick installation.

LiquiLevel LP Tank Level Indicator system for underground tanks

Every LiquiLevel system is supplied complete in a Carton ready for quick and easy installation using the instruction manual provided.

The System

  • Brass tank connector complete with tank seal.
  • Brass threaded slide tube for operation of aluminium guide pipe.
  • 250mm PVC Ground tube with threaded connector.
  • 150mm diameter round Polypropylene float ball with threaded connector. 
  • 16mm x 1 mtr long Aluminium guide pipe with threaded ends.
  • 800mm x 120mm x 120mm Granite look MDPE pedestal/post with our without faucet (tap)
  • 750mm heavy duty aluminium gauge board c/w gauge board in cm (up to 75cm)
  • Gauge board slide and pointer assembly.
  • Fixings and fasteners to assemble the system together

The LiquiLevel LP is designed and manufactured to a very high standard and will operate efficiently without the need of regular maintenance. All materials are corrosion resistant to ensure long-life reliability.

The Granite pedestal is very realistic and manufactured in MDPE which is both strong and will withstand the elements of extreme weather. Complimentary to any garden The LiquiLevel LP Level Indicator is supplied with or without a tap. The Chrome plated garden tap/faucet is connected to internal pipework within the post and can be easily and quickly connected to a pump or mains water supply using a hose connector. 

Aluminium Gauge/reader Board

Heavy duty Aluminium Gauge board specifically designed for the LiquiLevel LP tank level indicator. The gauge board features a rail which the Level Indicator effortlessly up and down the gauge board depending on the level within your underground storage tank. As the float sits on the surface of the water, as the tank fills and rises, so does the float which is connected to the Aluminium guide pipe.

The LiquiLevel LP is designed for low profile underground tanks up to 75 cm in height. The pedestal must be installed directly above the tank for the Level indicator to work. Included in the system is a 300mm PVC ground pipe which is used to protect the Aluminium guide pipe. This PVC pipe can be cut to length depending on the height of the turret/manhole.

Image above of base of Granite pdestal/post showing ground fixing/anchor points and Hose connection for quick and easy connection to the tap.

We strongly recommend that the post is installed on to a concrete base. This will ensure safe, reliable operation of the LiquiLevel Level indicator system.

More information to follow at product launch in early 2020. Click Here to register your interest in the NEW liquiLevel LP tank level indicator for underground tanks.

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