NB IoT Wireless sensor

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NB IoT Wireless sensor

The NB-IOT wireless sensor developed by Nikeson; the physical signals such as pressure, temperature and liquid level are collected, converted into digital signals by the collection unit.
  1. Sensor and digital processing circuit, and then uploaded to the telecom IOT platform by the NB module.
  2. Range can be customised as required; Accuracy rating up to 0.5%.
  3. Sensitive response, real-time data measurement, no damping hysteresis.
  4. Widely used in fire fighting, aviation, medical, industrial control, environmental protection storage tanks and many other fields.

Your 1NCE Lifetime flat Industrial SIM Card pre-installed.

  • 10 years
  • 150 countries
  • APN & open VPN
  • 1NCE OS
  • 500 MB and 250SMS
  • 2g/3G74G/NB-IoT
  • API & Data Streamer
  • Support and customer portal.
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