Wireless Remote GSM

Tank level monitoring and control for storage tanks via GSM, SMS to Smartphone.

The LiquiLevel wireless tank level monitoring system is quick and easy to install to both existing and new above and below ground tank installations. A 1" tank connection at the top of the tank is required to lower the hydrostatic problem to the base of the tank.

Simply connect the transmitter unit and the battery pack together and immediately the tank level is measured and data sent automatically to the recipient vis GSM to smartphone or PC. An LCD monitor can also be added for use within 500 metres of the tank installation.

Data includes, high and low alarm and can send messages to an app on your smartphone or to a web-based administrator. For Diesel and oil tanks, you can analyse consumption and demand at an early stage.

  • Hydrostatic level sensor for accurate and reliable measurement of tank level
  • For tanks upto 5 metres high/diameter.
  • Cyclic SMS every 72 hours with 24 level measured values.
  • Immediate alarm SMS with defonable limit values and events.


  • Plug and play cable connections
  • No complex Wiring
  • Long life battery pack
  • No SIM card need (Integral SIM-chip included)
  • Simple programming via app.

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