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Electromechanical Float Switch

Designed for three-phase or mono-phase motor direct control for filling and emptying of the tanks, such as cisterns and tanks. 

General features

  • Cover in shock- proof thermoplastic
  • Metal parts in iridium zinc steel.
  • Moplen float. (polypropylene)
  • Adjustable level 50 ÷ 750 mm, obtained using the serial cables. With cables of different lengths is possible to get level differential of up to several meters.
  • Counterweights coated in shock-proof, acid- resistant thermoplastic
  • Nylon rope to adjust level differentials
  • Storage and transport temperature: -25 ÷ 60°C.
  • Unit weight: 1.1 Kg.

Electric features

  • Three-pole switch, contacts in silver alloy.
  • Direct control of the pump.
  • In case of mono-phase motor only two poles are connected.

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