Remote Monitoring System

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Remote Monitoring System


NEW FOR 2020...LiquiLevel Remote Monitoring Terminal (RMT) is a compact device with battery supply, ultra-low power consumption, IP68 protection, wireless communication and various sensor data collection function,in specific circumstance, multiple power supply options are available. It is suitable for the monitoring fields without power supply condition and the harsh environment. It could realise the multi-function including data collection, storage, alarming and transmission for underground water, firefighting water, dam water, water supply and drainage pipeline.

With a wide coverage of wireless network, LiquiLevel remote monitoring terminal could detect the real-time data of many monitoring sites in a wide range of areas like tap-water pipeline pressure, flow, underground water, agricultural irrigation, dam level, water monitoring, wind, rain, ambient temperature and humidity, air quality monitoring, water flow monitoring, image and firefighting pipeline monitoring, especially suitable for underground Well detection application in a harsh environment.


  • IP68 protection, dust-proof and water-proof;
  • Multiple power supply options are available;
  • Wireless transmission, no field wiring;
  • Wide range measurement, pressure, temperature, level, flow, image, drain well cover etc.;
  • Multi-channel, max. 8-way sensor parameters access;
  • Remote setting for collection, transmission and image interval;
  • Sensor available with upper and lower limit of threshold value and web real-time warning;
  • PC and mobile terminal data application;
  • Support customer self-built system and configuration application;
  • Provide mounting accessories;
  • Solution for underground well.

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    LiquiLevel Hydrostatic Level Transmitter is a full sealed submersible level transmitter. It is manufactured to a very high quality and reliable OEM piezoresistive pressure sensor and high accurate circuit board into low pressure injection molding housing. Integrated construction and standard signal provide the user easy and convenient application in the local working site. The special cable, connected with housing, can be immersed into the media for a long periods of time. The level transmitter has compact size, light weight and good stability; it can be used for water or liquid measurement and rain/storm water, metallurgy, electricity, mine, city water supply and drainage and hydrology, etc.


    • Integrated construction.
    • Sensor housing protection IP68, connection box protection IP68.
    • Cost-efficient, high reliability and stability.

    The RMT requires no wiring as all sensor are connected simply and easily using Plug & Play electrical connectors as shown below. Simply insert the P&P connector into the correct RMT connection and fasten nut.

    The LiquiLevel RMT requires a SIM card that supports 2G, 3G and 4G. The SIM card is designed to be easily and quickly installed to the unit.

    Click Here for Quick start guide/installation instructions.

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    Installation of Level Monitor

    LiquiLevel Remote Monitoring Terminal is supplied complete with wall-mounting/pipe mounting kit which ensures easy installation and convenient for maintenance purposes.

    Underground Applications

    The LiquiLevel Remote Level monitor is IP68 rated which means that it can be installed underground into manhole/shafts etc. Ideally the manhole cover should be of a grated type for best signal strength for data to be communicated etc. Although our system is designed for level monitoring, we can offer additional monitoring solutions for pressure, flow, temperature which can all be connected through one LiquiLevel RLM system. 

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