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Hygienic pressure transmitter

Brief Introduction
MP858-NSF Monosilicon pressure transmitter is the best hygienic pressure transmitter meticulously designed, with the world’s most advanced silicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation process. SMP858-NSF adopts full isolation seal structure to eliminate the humidity effects, suitable for severe wet cleaning occasion. Double diaphragm overload protection structure to achieve the highest overload pressure 42MPa, is suitable for severe pressure overload situations.

• Fully-welded structure to reduce the leakage point at utmost.
• Without any hygiene residue, meet the highest hygiene standards.
• Central diaphragm overload protection structure, the highest overload pressure up to 42MPa.
• Available for low range with high overload pressure and high accuracy.
• Hygiene design to meet the standard FDA and GMP.
• Material and roughness of surface meet the Hygiene standard.

• Pressure type: differential pressure
• Range: 4kPa~1MPa
• Output signal: 4-20mA, 4-20mA+HART
• Reference accuracy: ±0.1% URL, ±0.2% URL, ±0.5% URL

Industry application
• Pharmacy, food, milk, beer, beverage, juice

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