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Magnetic Liquid Level Control ED52P

Magnetic Liquid Level Control ED52P

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Suitable to control and monitor the fluid level in open and under pressure tanks up to 10 bars.

Used in installations with autoclaves to control the filling pump or automatically restore the air vessel.


General features

  • Operation with magnetic action ( by repulsion with permanently opposed magnets)
  • Suitable for liquids with specific weight from 0.9 to 1.1 kg/ dm3
  • Threaded connection male G 1 ¼ , 36 mm spanner
  • Shock- proof thermoplastic case with self-retaining screws
  • Non- toxic thermoplastic resin float Ø38×70, on request with stainless steel float up to 110° C
  • Choice between two fixed level differentials
  • Brass body
  • Compliance with the standards CEI EN 60947- 5- 1

Electric features

  • SPDT microswitch.
  • Electrical connection with 6,35 Faston (supplied).


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