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Wireless LPG Level Gauge

LiquiLevel LPG Sensor PLUS for gas cylinders with app for smartphones and tablets

How it works:

  • Download the app (for Android and iOS on your smartphone or tablet
  • Connect the app and Level gauge via Bluetooth
  • Enter parameters such as filling weight and the tare weight as shown on the gas cylinder - monitoring of gas cylinders up to 11 kg possible
  • position the  Sensor PLUS on a flat surface and place the gas cylinder with its system components such as the pressure regulator, hose assembly etc. on top of it.
  • The Sensor PLUS app displays the current filling level with a measuring accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Measurement is suspended and the app displays a warning if a) a movement is detected (e.g. while driving the caravan or motor caravan b) The inclination angle becomes to high or c) the ambient temperature is outside the permissible range.


  • Caravan, motor caravan - can also be used while driving!
  • Catering: Gas stoves, patio heaters, heaters, gas grills etc.
  • Grill & BBQ: gas powered Barbeques.
  • Household: Gas-fired boilers, heaters


  • Atex certification, a movement sensor and robust design the Sensor PLUS can remain under the gas cylinder in the gas locker whilst driving the leisure vehicle
  • Bluetooth signal range: 20 metres approx.
  • Protection type: IP44
  • Temperature: -10° to +40°C
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