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Brass Tank Connectors with male thread
Brass Tank Connectors with male thread
Brass Tank Connectors with male thread

Brass Tank Connectors with male thread

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Brass Tank connectors are designed for a simple, quick and safe connection to plastic, steel, aluminium storage tanks, silos, vessels and containers.

Save time, save on labour, save the hassle. Our tank connectors offers a complete tank connection fitting system for tank manufacturers, installers and end users. Our tank connectors are used in a wide range of applications including Water treatment, Rainwater Harvesting, Drinking water tanks, Aquaculture, industry, Irrigation tanks, food industry, Fuel an Oil tanks, Pharmaceutical and many other applications.

Available in sizes from 1/2" - 2" BSP. Installed directly from the outside of the tank and without the use of an internal tank fitting/back nut etc.


  • Sizes: 1/2" - 2" BSP Male connection
  • Tank Connection material: Brass
  • Standard gasket: EPDM. (We also offer NBR for fuel and oil tanks and FKM (Viton) for chemical and process tanks - made to order)
  • A complete installation system for efficiently installing our Tank connectors.
  • Pressure rating : up to 4 bar.


Tank Wall thickness

1/2" - S min = 2mm, S max = 8mm, 3/4" - S min = 2mm, S max = 9mm, 1" - S min = 2mm, S max = 10mm, 1 1/4" - S min = 4mm, S max = 12mm, 1 1/2" - S min = 4mm, S max = 12mm, 2" - S min = 4mm, S max = 12mm, 

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