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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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Liquid level and object position measurement.
Applications: the ultrasonic transmission can effectively spread to the measured liquid level or the occasion of a solid surface such as: storage tank, chute, metering box, pools, tanks, well, ditch, moving objects and so on.


Level transmitter has the following range specifications:
4mtr, 6mtr, 8mtr, 12mtr, 20mtr, 30mtr, 40mtr,


  • Integrated design, installed conveniently;
  • Excellent anti-interference capability;
  • Intellectual signal treatment technology, guarantee that the instrument meets various kinds of operating occasion
  • Complete sealed structure (IP68), airproof and alkali-resisting, meet the abominable environment.
  • Protected in the excessive voltage and current, protected in the thunder and lightning;
  • MODBUS-RTU digital communications, its multi-functional and easy to use.

Measuring Principle

The sensor of the transducer pulses in the direction of the product surface. There, they are reflected back and received by the sensor. The transducer measures the time t between pulse transmission and reception. The transducer uses the time t (and the velocity of sound c) to calculate the distance D between the sensor membrane and the product surface: D = c •t/2. As the device knows the empty distance H from a user entry, it can calculate the level as follows:

H: installation height
D: distance value
L: level value
B: blind distance
F: Level span