About Us

We are a company strategically located in the town of Smålandsstenar in the heart of southern Sweden. Purpose built production area and offices enables us to design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of Tank level indicators and Tank Level Gauges which are installed on storage tanks all over the world. We have a standard range of products but have the capability to offer bespoke solutions for liquid storage management for customer specific applications. We work through a network of distributors and sell directly to a wide variety of markets and customers globally.


...The Beginning

Nikeson first production product was the LiquiLevel ST (as shown above) which is specifically designed for use with all types of above ground rainwater harvesting tank. This product is now widely used in countries around the world including France, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, America, south Africa, Australasia. This product requires no maintenance, battery or electricity and is quick easy to install to both new and existing tanks. Today our company manufactures a wide range of products suited to a wide variety of markets. Our customers include tank manufacturers, tank distributors, plastic fabricators, Installers, pipeline wholesalers, merchants agricultural dealers as well as direct sales to Industry. 


LiquiLevel CR Tank level indicator for chemical and process tanks

Our tank level indicators are installed on a wide range of tanks around the world including chemical & process tanks, fire fighting reservoirs, pharmaceutical, food, petroleum, Agricultural Tanks and other areas.

...Coming Soon.

We will be launching our all new IoT Remote wireless level monitoring system shortly which is designed for a wide variety of level monitoring applications with additional feature of flow and pressure monitoring. Ideal for complete water management systems for local communities, rainwater harvesting systems, fire fighting sprinkler/hydrant/tank management, storm water attenuation etc. Data can be accessed via PC and mobile phone and level measurement settings can be remotely set via PC.

We welcome any opportunity of discussing any requirement or project you may have where Tank level monitoring is required. As well as being available online, you can contact us by phone +46 371 390110 or email us. info@nikeson.com

...LiquiLevel products will take you to a new Level!

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