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Wireless Tank Level Receiver for storage tanks

Choice of Tank Receivers... Take control ...Tank control.

...Let the tank do the talking

Wireless Tank Level monitoring for LPG tanks

LiquiLevel CR System

...taking tank monitoring to a new level..

Movement, temperature, humidity, power failure, Heating...

Everything easy and secure remotely monitored with your mobile phone!

About Us

Nikeson is a company strategically located in the town of Smålandsstenar in the heart of Sweden. With a purpose built production area and offices, we design, manufacture, assemble and dispatch all tank liquid level indicator products from this facility, including the Nikeson tank level indicator for storage tanks. Our Online website enables customers to purchase our products directly. As a manufacturer our main route to market is through a network of global distributors. our distributors are:-

- Tank Manufacturers, Tank Distributors, Installers, pipeline wholesalers, Agricultural dealers etc.

We would WELCOME an opportunity of discussing any requirement you may have where a Tank level indicator is required. The LiquiLevel gauges are manufactured to be compatible with a wide variety of chemicals.

Have you seen our most popular tank level gauge??  The LiquiLevel 'ST' which is installed on above ground rainwater storage tanks all around the globe. Click here for more information

Head Office and Manufacturing

Head Office and Manufacturing

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