AdBlue 200 Ltr Drum Pump System

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AdBlue 200 Ltr Drum Pump System
AdBlue 200 Ltr Drum Pump System
AdBlue 200 Ltr Drum Pump System
AdBlue 200 Ltr Drum Pump System

AdBlue 200 Ltr Drum Pump System

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The ProBlue AdBlue Electric Drum Pump is designed for dispensing AdBlue™ (DEF) specifically from a 200 litre drum. Thanks to its spring-loaded stainless steel plate, this Adblue™ transfer pump can be safely top-mounted on a drum, ensuring protection against any accidental impact that could otherwise knock the pump off the drum and cause damage.


  • Our systems are assembled in Sweden.
  • Pumps are made in Italy with a 2-year warranty.
  • Options for basic and professional industrial solutions.
  • We use only tried and tested products of high quality with reliable and long service life, hence the guarantees we offer.
  • Pump mounting bases are all made of stainless steel
  • All hose connectors are made of either polypropylene or stainless steel
  • Price match guarantee on our ProBlue products.
  • We can adapt our systems to your specific application


Complete with delivery hose, manual nozzle, and Trisure drum connection, this Adblue™ electric pump can be easily disconnected and moved between AdBlue™ drums as a ready-to-use dispensing kit. It also benefits from an anti-drip nozzle holster for clean storage of the Nozzle once the refill is complete.

  • Self-priming diaphragm electric AdBlue™ pump
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Plate
  • Flow rate: 32 L/min
  • Manual or automatic nozzle c/w nozzle support and drip tray
  • 5 m delivery hose & suction hose
  • Trisure Coupling c/w 3-Piece Straw and Fittings
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Available in 230 VAC

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