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Steel Water Tank Level Indicator

To install the LiquiLevel ST to open tanks (tanks without a cover) we recommend you use the LiquiLevel AB 90° Bracket designed to fit to the side of steel water tanks using the existing bolts on the tank to secure the bracket. When installed the level indicator will always accurately indicate the actual water level within the tank, unlike other gauges that read back-to-front.

  • Simple and quick to install. Fixing kit supplied.
  • Angle has reinforced rib for added strength 
  • AB Bracket manufactured from Stainless Steel 316.
  • Slotted tank fixing point to suit all types of corrugated and plain steel profile. 
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing tanks, without the need to drain the tank.
  • No maintenance.

Principle of operation

The LiquiLevel operates using a plastic float ball that moves up and down, on top of the water inside the tank. The float ball is connected to a cord that runs through a simple pulley system to a counterweight. The function of the counterweight is to ensure the external level indicator (also connected to the counterweight) always stays the same level as the float ball within the tank, meaning that the indicator always corresponds with the level in the tank.


The AB System is supplied complete with a fixings Kit and installation and operation manual. The AB can be used with 5 and 10 metre LiquiLevel ST level indicators.

Optional extras

Guidewire system for external level indicator


Please click here for Technical Specification on our range of LiquiLevel AB tank level indicators.

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