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Rain Water Level Indicator

LiquiLevel ST tank level indicator is specifically designed for installation to all above ground rainwater storage tanks. Not limited to Rainwater tanks, the LiquiLevel ST level indicator can be found on all types of tanks around the globe. Suprise yourself at how much rainwater can be harvested from even the smallest of roof areas. Installing this unit means you can see exactly how much water you can save.

LiquiLevel ST on rainwater tank

LiquiLevel ST for above ground rainwater storage tanks

  • No electricity or battery required.
  • Indicates accurately the true level, unlike other gauges that read back to front.
  • The option of a guidewire system to keep the level indicator plumb and prevent swaying in strong winds.
  • Stainless Steel, polypropylene construction.
  • Easy to install with installation instructions and template provided.
  • No need to drain the existing tank to install.
  • No side wall connections required.
  • 3 different options to suit a wide variety of both plastic and steel storage tanks.

The operation of the LiquiLevel ST is by means of a float ball that moves up and down on top of the liquid inside the tank. The float is connected by a cord that runs through a simple pulley and counterweight system. The chemical resistant counterweight inside the tank ensures the Level indicator always stays the same level as the liquid stored within the tank, thus showing the true liquid level. 

Tank Level gauge for water tanks

The LiquiLevel ST tank level indicator is always installed at the top of the tank, using a tank fixing kit supplied with each unit. This system is available in 2 sizes (1 kit for tanks up to 5 mtr high tanks, and 1 kit for tanks up to 10 mtr high tanks) 

The external tank level indicator accurately stays the same height as the float ball inside the tank, giving a reliable and easy tank level reading. Other gauges work 'back to front' or in Reverse, but the LiquiLevel ST uses a counterweight which is connected to both the external level indicator and the float ball.

Guidewire System

LiquiLevel ST Guide wire system

The LiquiLevel ST system is available with or without the guide wire system. The image above showing the level indicator and the guidewire system in operation. This kit is easily and quickly installed and is designed to keep the external indicator plumb and prevent it from swaying in the wind, always indicating an accurate reading of the water level within the storage tank. The Guidewire kit includes Guidewire and all the necessary components for installation to tanks up to 5m/10m.

LiquiLevel ST - option of 2 two different bracket lengths

LiquiLevel ST AB

The above image shows the LiquiLevel ST tank level indicator which is the standard system with a pulley housing length of 370mm and is ideal for almost all water tanks.

LiquiLevel STXL

The above image shows the LiquiLevel ST XL tank level indicator which is the standard system with a pulley housing length of 670mm and is ideal for tanks with protruding roof/cover or tanks the are bunded etc.

Optional extras

We also offer a Tank Level indicator for storage tanks without a top/cover. The LiquiLevel AB 90 degree angle bracket is installed to the size of the tank. In the case of installation to section steel that is bolted together, you use the existing tank bolts to fasten the LiquiLevel AB to fix the system to the tank. The LiquiLevel ST level indicator is then fitted to the top of the AB Bracket using fixings provided. For more information on this option, please Click here.

Steel water tanks are commonly used for bulk water storage for a wide variety of applications. By using the standard LiquiLevel ST tank level indicator system and the AB bracket, you can accurately monitor your storage tank at a glance. The Level indicator has a reflective band for easy reading up to 100 metres away.

This product range is designed and manufactured in Sweden to a very high standard. The unit is supplied in a mail order carton with full installation and user instructions, including a fitting template for accurate and fast installation.

LiquiLevel ST Technical Specification, Click Here. 

Please contact us today for Distributor pricing, or if you have any questions.

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