Chemical & Process tank level indicator

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Chemical & Process tank level indicator

Monitoring the level in your chemical storage and process tank is important, as you have to know when to order more chemicals, and certain types of fluids have to be stored at specific levels to maintain their properties and/or operational requirements. The LiquiLevel CR tank level indicator system is a reverse type float level indicator that lets you know at a glance, how much chemical is stored in the tank.

Click here to download printable product overview on our Tank Level indicators for chemical and process tanks.

The LiquiLevel CR reverse float level indicator is an is a simple innovative level system which includes a float inside the tank and a visual indicator on the outside of the tank. As the tank fills, the chemical lifts the float which in turn allows the weighted indicator on the outside to move down. Using a pulley system connected to a polypropylene cord and 90 degree PVC Elbows c/w pulley wheels. As the tank empties, the float inside the tank falls pulling the indicator up. When the tank is full, the visual indicator is at the bottom of the tank and when the tank is empty it is at the top.  

  • Designed for chemical and process tanks and recommended for virtually any fluid including viscous, aggressive and waste liquids.
  • Designed around standard metric and imperial PVC Pipe and fittings.
  • Easy to install solvent weld system.
  • Compatible with magnetic level control switches for alarms, etc.
  • System can be installed to virtually any tank.
  • Manufactured from chemical resistant materials.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Gas/ Vapour tight. For safety, for fluid protection and contamination.
  • No sidewall tank penetrations or chemical exposure needed
  • No chemicals burns or chemical spurts on personnel.

90 degree pulley elbow

      LiquiLevel CR Tank level indicator

      The image shows 90-degree elbow pulley system. Our elbows feature an anti-jump loop system that keeps the cord on the pulleys.

      1. 40mm 90 degree pulley elbow with anti-jump cord system. Solvent weld fitting.
      2. Red PVC 30mm diameter counterweight with a built-in magnet for switching purposes.
      3. Polypropylene float ball/Cylindrical float.
      4. 40mm PVC pipe clip and retainer.
      5. 40mm clear PVC pipe.
      6. Polypropylene braided cord.
      7. 40mm Bulkhead fitting/tank adaptor.

        Level indicator for chemical level gauge

        Image above shows Red level indicator counterweight inside the guide tube. Our level indicators include a built-in magnet that can be used with micro switches for tank level control applications, such as high and low-level alarms etc.

        Optional Extras

        The LiquiLevel CR tank level indicator is also available in imperial sizes (1.25")

        Gauge boards to simply click onto the guide tube for more accurate level monitoring. Supplied in 1.0 metre lengths with calibrated marking in either feet and inches or cm and metres. Supplied with fixing kit and full installation instructions.

        Click here for Technical data sheet on LiquiLevel CR Tank level indicator and LiquiLevel CR GRP Gauge Board system

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