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About Us

Nikeson was established in 2015 as a manufacturer of tank level indicators for rainwater storage tanks. Since then, we have successfully expanded both our product range and customer base. With over 25 years of experience, we continue to produce high quality competitive products, and now have a renowned brand of level indicators and gauges within the industry globally.

LiquiLevel products are manufactured by us and we are located in the heart of Sweden. With purpose built production facilities and offices, it enables the team to innovate, design, manufacture and test a wide range of tank level indicators and tank level gauges. Our products can now be found on storage tanks worldwide.

About Us - Our Corporate Office | NikesonAs well as a standard range of products, as a manufacturer, we have the capability to produce products for customer specific applications. We work through a network of distributors as well as direct sales to a wide variety of markets and customers.

Customers include tank manufacturers, tank distributors, plastic fabricators, Installers, pipeline wholesalers, merchants, agricultural dealers and online specialists.

Industries & Applications

  • Chemical & process tanks,
  • Water storage tanks for Fire suppressions systems including fire sprinkler systems.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food production
  • Petroleum, oil and gas industry
  • Agricultural 
  • Fisheries
  • Rainwater harvesting and bulk water storage


Our experience in the global storage tank industry, has both encouraged and enthused us to develop, innovate, design and produce a new range of products specifically for both rainwater and water storage tanks.

'WaterWorx' new for 2023, is now available direct or through our network of global distributors. A professional range of high quality trade products designed to simplify and speed up storage tank installation and associated equipment. 

Water is our most precious and valuable resource.... Together we can establish 'WaterWorx'


To those of you that are already familiar and trading with our company Nikeson I’d like to personally say, 'Thank you for your support’, and to anyone who is yet to experience the Nikeson success story, I say ‘Welcome, we look forward to hearing from you’.

Niklas Eagle.

Founder and CEO.

As well as being available online, you can contact us by phone +46 371 390110 or email us info@nikeson.com

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