Dip Meter - Water Level Indicator

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Dip Meter - Water Level Indicator

LiquiLevel DM Water level dip meter designed for accurate measurement method used for water level in boreholes, stand pipes and wells. Particularly suitable for hydropower engineering, underground water level inspection and dam observation. This system includes a stainless steel probe attached to a stretch resistant surveyors tape. The conductors are made from stainless steel and the surveyors tape is encapsulated in a durable, flexible plastic coating for long-life operation. The tape and indicator are fitted to a heavy duty plastic reel for easy convenient use and storage. Available in ranges up to 300 metre.

  • Get a depth to static water level reading within seconds
  • Supplied on a heavy duty reel in ranges of 0-30, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 metres. Greater ranges available on request.
  • Water level meters are the industry standard for portable hand operated level meters. They are sturdy, easy to carry and use and read accurately.
  • Rugged corrosion-proof components , strong, durable and flexible surveyors tapes
  • Providing the convenience, durability and accuracy that groundwater professionals need to detect water levels in wells, boreholes dams standpipes.


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