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Float & Board

LiquiLevel FBS Float and Board Tank Level indicator system which is available to customers globally as a complete systems or as individual components.


  • Made in Sweden with high quality components
  • Option of Gauge board in both metric cm and metres, and imperial feet and inches
  • Aluminium gauge board for long-life, durability and simple to install
  • High quality roller guide level indicator for accuracy
  • Galvanised pipework/conduit
  • Stainless Steel float system c/w guide wire tensioners
  • Fast delivery times
  • Designed a self-build kit for easy installation to storage tanks on-site.

Product Overview

Click here to view and download Product Overview.

LiquiLevel Aluminium gauge boards have been specifically designed for fast and easy on-site assembly. Available in both imperial and metric measurements to suit global applications where a reliable mechanical tank level indicator required.


Aluminium Gauge Board

  • Metric cm & metres dimensions: L = 1000mm W = 30mm 
  • Imperial inches & feet dimensions: L = 3' W = 1.25"
  • Lightweight, durable and weather resistant
  • Slotted channel fastening system using channel/tee nuts (supplied)
  • No drilling holes for fasteners.
  • Vinyl cut calibrated markings and numbers 
  • Supplied with stainless steel brackets to extend gauge board and to install gauge board to tank.

Click here for more information on the Aluminium Gauge Board.

Level Indicator

  • Made from stainless steel 316
  • Red powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty nylon rollers for smooth and accurate operation
  • stainless steel shaft
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed specifically for use with our Aluminium gauge board system. Will be compatible with 30mm x 100mm Gauge board
  • 2mm stainless steel wire connection.

LiquiLevel FBS Gauge Board fixing system

  • Each length of gauge board is supplied with both, 1x gauge board joiner and 1x adjustable 90° bracket to fasten the gauge board to your storage tank
  • Gauge board uses tee nuts for easy installation.
  • Fixings supplied with gauge board

90° Pulley elbows

LiquiLevel FBS elbows are of superior quality and offer reliable and accurate operation of tank level indicator. 

  • Size: 3/4" threaded female connection
  • stainless steel inspection cover.
  • 90° Elbow Cadmium plated steel with PTFE bush and stainless steel
    shaft housed in weatherproof enclosure

Float and guide wire tensioning system

  • Guide wire tensioning system for smooth and accurate operation of float. The guide wire tensioners are installed at the top of the tank and are connected to stainless steel guide wires which are installed to an anchor plate at the bottom of the tank.
  • 3/4" male screwed tank connection.
  • Heavy duty components for long/life operation. 
  • Sprung loaded for easy calibration

Stainless Steel float

  • High quality Stainless steel 303 float.
  • guide loop for guide wires
  • Central stainless steel braided cord connection
  • Diameter: 250mm
  • Height:
  • Weight:

Click here for technical data sheet for the NEW LiquiLevel FBS Tank Level indicator system.

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