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Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The LiquiLevel ZP ultrasonic level sensor is a low-cost, non-contact and easy-to-install measurement device. It is able to meet the every-day needs of commercial production, as well serving a more specialized role in the technologically advanced aerospace industry, thus placing it firmly in the category of high-level measurement technology. Unlike other level indicators with limited uses, the easy-to-install ultrasonic level indicator is a highly accurate device with enough specialized uses to ensure that the needs of the customer are met.


  • Non-contact.
  • Not effected by material property, such as pressure environments, viscosity and specific gravity.
  • Integrated keypad with security code.
  • Easy installation and low operating costs.
  • Can be used in a versatile of application .
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Easy to set program no need to train personel.
  • Fully isolated analog 4-20ma output.
  • Better accuracy and stability in difficult conditions.
  • Internal temperature compensation improves accuracy

Main Function

  • Level measurement
  • Distance measurement
  • Volume measurement.
  • Pump control


The principle of operation of the ultrasonic sensor system is to use the ultrasonic pulses which are transmitted by the transducer to the surface to be monitored and are reflected back to the transducer, the time period between transmission and reception of the sound pulses is directly proportional to the distance between the transducer and surface The latest microcomputer technology and the proven processing software select the level echo from among any number of false echoes and calculate the exact distance to the product surface.

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