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Ques: What type of storage tanks, is the LiquiLevel liquid level indicator designed for?

Ans: The Liquilevel can be fitted to all new storage tank installations and retro-fitted to almost any shape and sized tank.

Ques: Do I have to drain the tank for installation?

Ans: No, but installation is easier if the tank is empty

Ques: Do I have to get inside the tank to install the LiquiLevel?

Ans: No, If you have an access hatch of at least 200mm diameter, then the LiquiLevel can be installed without the need to enter the tank.

Ques: If my tank is taller than 5 metres, can I install the LiquiLevel?

Ans: Yes, We offer a 10mtr Cord kit and 10 mtr Guide wire system

Ques: Is the guide wire system recommended for all tank level gauge tank installations?

Ans: Yes, The guide wire should be installed with every Liquilevel as this prolongs the life of the cord and we offer a 3-year warranty on the LiquiLevel, if a guide wire system is installed.

Ques: How easy is installation.

Ans: The LiquiLevel is easy to install and quick. A fixing kit is supplied and full installation instructions and the fitting template are provided.

Ques: Can the LiquiLevel be used with Chemical Tanks?

Ans: Yes, but the Chemical compatibility needs to be checked with our technical team. Call us today with your requirements.

Ques: Can the LiquiLevel be installed to open top tanks?

Ans: yes, but a angle bracket will need to be fabricated so that the LiquiLevel is situated at the edge and at the top of the tank.

Ques: Are spare parts available?

Ans: Yes. The LiquiLevel is manufactured from high-quality materials and is designed to last, but spares are available if required.

Ques: Can the LiquiLevel be installed to tanks with a sloping roof?

Ans: Yes, up to an angle of 30 degrees

Ques: Can the liquilevel be installed on irregular shaped tanks.

Ans: Yes, so long as the tank walls are vertical (plumb) An additional bracket can be supplied. see image below. This shows the Liquilevel in use with 'domed top' tanks. Always ensure the cord is running smoothly on the pulley system.

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