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PVC CR Bulkhead Tank Adapter

PVC CR Bulkhead Tank Adapter

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PVC bulkhead fittings, also known as tank adapters, are a common connector used to connect a tank to a pipe line or create a leak-proof seal between a line from inside an enclosure to outside. These PVC tank adapters are usually used to connect a tank to a pipe line. We have the PVC bulkhead fitting options you need when setting up a tank and pipe system.

When connecting a pipe to a tank, it's important that the opening is properly sealed when no flow is required. These PVC Schedule bulkhead tank adapters have Hexagonal flange and gasket seal that prevents fluid from leaking into the pipeline when it is not wanted.

  • Connecting tank to pipe
  • 40mm solvent weld pipe fitting
  • Hexagonal flange and gasket seal.
  • Holesaw size: 51mm 
  • High quality
  • Material: PVC
  • Color Available: Grey

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