AdBlue Electric Pump 12 V CarryKit

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AdBlue Electric Pump 12 V CarryKit

AdBlue Electric Pump 12 V CarryKit

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The 12v AdBlue™ Pump is a ready-to-dispense kit designed for mobile AdBlue™ (DEF) replenishment. It is flexible in its application as the suction hose can be released into either a drum or IBC, not limiting it to one or the other if there are several in place. Thanks to its 2 m cable and clamps for connection to the vehicle's battery and carrying handle, this AdBlue™ transfer pump can be easily moved between containers.

This kit comes with a plastic box complete with 2.5 metre delivery hose, manual nozzle, 2.5 metre suction hose with strainer, giving the user everything they need to refill their vehicle with AdBlue™. It has proven to be a popular solution in the agricultural and construction market due to the fact that it does not require power to operate.

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