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AdBlue Filter
AdBlue Filter
AdBlue Filter

AdBlue Filter

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3D AdBlue™ filters are specially designed to remove debris and crystallization from AdBlue™. Although AdBlue™ is a clean solution, contamination can occur during refueling and transfer, which can damage the vehicle's SCR system. An AdBlue™ filter is therefore essential to prevent damage to your vehicle and keep it within warranty. This model features a highly efficient technopolymer filter element in a protective polyamide casing and features 1" BSP connectors for easy connection to installation.

Please note: It is recommended that the AdBlue™ filter is changed once a year.

  • 70 micron particulate filter
  • Maximum flow rate of 40 L/mi
  • For use with AdBlue™
  • Connection: 2 x 1" M BSP inlet x 19 mm hose barb
  • Protective polyamide casing

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