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Downpipe Leaf Filter
Downpipe Leaf Filter
Downpipe Leaf Filter
Downpipe Leaf Filter

Downpipe Leaf Filter

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A simple, effective and easily installed filters that are connected at the bottom of the downpipe. Provided with flanges for easy installation. Automatic self cleaning from leaves, small twigs, etc., via specific designed filter. The distance between the the ribs are about 5 mm. Fits pipe dimensions up to 110 mm. dimensions adjusted through the Joints. The filter can be easily removed/replaced if desired. Cover available as accessory to reduce splashing and if you wish to close the filter during the winter period..


  • Protect your soak away/ underground rainwater storage tank from blockages.
  • Collect filtered rainwater to keep your water butt or storage tank full of fresh water.
  • Irrigation for domestic & commercial, gardens, lawns and greenhouses.
  • Rainwater for household appliances such as a washing machine or toilet.
  • Made in Scandinavia.
  • UV Stabilised


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