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Level Indicator for above ground rainwater tanks up to 5 metres

Level Indicator for above ground rainwater tanks up to 5 metres

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The LiquiLevel ST Level indicator is an innovative float operated system which always indicates the actual level in rainwater and water tanks, unlike other tank gauges which read ‘back to front’... What you see, is what you have left in the tank.

The LiquiLevel is designed to suit most types and shapes of tanks, and ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  • Recommended for virtually any liquid storage tank Suitable for all liquid storage tanks upto 5 mtrs tall (10 mtr available on request)
  • Simple and quick installation - No need to enter tank for installation
  • Low maintenance
  • No electricity or battery required.
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Low maintenance
  • No side wall connections required.

Operation of the LiquiLevel is by means of a float ball which moves up and down on top of the liquid inside the tank. The float is connected by a Polyester cord which runs through a simple pulley and counterweight system. The chemical resistant counterweight inside the tank ensures the Level indicator always stays the same level as the liquid stored within the tank, thus showing the true liquid level.

Liquilevel Tank Level indicator for Rainwater tanks

Guide wire system for tank level indicator

The image shown above shows the Guide wire system. This system is designed to prevent the Level indicator swaying in string winds. Using this option will keep the level indicator plumb, meaning greater accuracy of the level indicator.

Image shown above is the Liquilevel ST with a pulley housing bracket length of 370mm long which is ideal for most tank applications.

LiquiLevel STXL Tank Level Indicator with Pulley housing bracket length of 670mm

Image shown above is the Liquilevel STXL with a pulley housing bracket length of 670mm long which is used for both Bunded tanks and for tanks with a protruding tank cover/top.

Click Here for technical Specification.

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