ProBlue Adblue Automatic Nozzle

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ProBlue Adblue Automatic Nozzle

ProBlue Adblue Automatic Nozzle

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The AdBlue™ nozzle is a lightweight, automatic plastic nozzle complete with stainless steel opening spout for use with AdBlue pump systems. The breakaway spout mechanism means that if the vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still positioned at the vehicle's filling point, the spout will detach from the nozzle. This means that damage is limited to only the spout that can be replaced as a spare part, and the AdBlue™ pump system connected to the storage tank will not be removed.

Made of plastic but with a robust stainless steel spout, this nozzle is a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to the fully stainless steel automatic AdBlue™ nozzles on the market. Like these more expensive models, it still reliably shuts off dispensing when the AdBlue tank gets full to prevent overflow.

  • Automatic AdBlue™ nozzle
  • Maximum flow: 45 ltr per min
  • Suitable for urea, water and chemicals
  • Comes with 3/4" plastic hose barb
  • Liquid viscosity up to 6cSt
  • Removable three-position latch
  • Replacement spouts available (see accessories

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